"Lectures, Demonstrations And Workshops" 2020 - 2021


What's included


  My lectures include a variety of topics. Demonstrations and
Workshops can be booked separately or combined with a lecture.
All lectures are professionally prepared and can be scheduled
along with a Demonstration and hands-on Workshop to entertain
and inform your group. My  lectures have been very successful
​with garden clubs across the country. All programs include:

  • Lecture
  • Demonstration
  • Free package of Botanical Interests seeds, a 4" pot and growing medium.
  • Raffle Gift
  • Plant lists or Menues
  • Wireless PA  

" Allow me to make your best gardening better with affordable, organic, sustainable solutions".

  •  Phenology ..Explore the life cycles
  • Organic Seed Starting......Knowing your foods
  • Garden Colors...Annual Flowers and grasses
  • Gardening for the Future... Going Green- Trends and Tips
  • Raised Bed Gardening... Excessive Yields
  • Herbs for all Seasons...Growing and Using
  • Holiday Decorating...Swags to Wreaths
  • Gardening for the Birds...User Friendly
  • A Guide to Perennial Gardens...Polychromatic Spaces
  • Edible Landscaping...12 Months a Year
  • Container Gardening...Compact and Portable
  • Water Garden Design...Fishy Plantings
  • Layout and Design...Quick and Easy
  • Organic Vegetable Gardening...Seed -starting to harvest
  • Low Maintenance, Affordable  Landscapes and Gardens...Sustainable
  • Plan it, Plant it, Pick it and Prepare it....Herbs and Vegetables
  • Xeriscaping....Dry, but not too dry

" Allow me to make your best gardening better with affordable, organic, sustainable solutions".


Customize your programs

 Programs may include collated material, plant lists, recipes, free containers filled with growing medium and seed or plants, visual aids; including models, plants, props, color slides and or PowerPoint and Products for sale. 

Reserve your preferred date without obligation today.

 I also offer a Last Minute Speaker Service that requires only a 24 hour notice. If you need a speaker due to a cancellation, don't worry, just call me. You can name your topic or choose one from our series and call Paul on the Garden Line.  508-740-7364 

Listed here are some of my favorite and successful programs...

both fun and educational.

These can be combined and presented with any lecture topic.


              Herb Windowsill gardens, Hanging Moss Baskets, Gardening in Glass, Organic Seed Starting, Herbal Vinegar and Herb Butter, Holiday Decorating , Organic Containers.

Organic Container Gardening

Organic Container Gardening

Organic Container Gardening



Learn about the many affordable and suitable planters that are available to create a Companion Planting with Flowers, Herbs and Vegetables complete with natural growing medium,fertilizer and watering techniques.

After the Lecture and Demonstration, participants will construct their own 16" Hanging Moss Basket to take home.

Herb Vinegars and Butters

Organic Container Gardening

Organic Container Gardening



During this culinary delight we will explore the simple techniques of  growing and using Herbs.  Learn the best Herbs for your zone, when and how to harvest each and use them in the kitchen.

The demonstration will show how to  make and blend herbal vinaigrette, one spicy balsamic and the other fruit.  They will be bottled and sealed. Then another vinaigrette will be prepared and sampled with and a fresh mix of  salad greens.

During the workshop participants will prepare there own 2  bottles to take home.

All ingredients will be supplied.

Organic Seed Starting

Organic Container Gardening

Organic Seed Starting



An organic approach to growing and using what we plant. During the Lecture part of this workshop, participants will explore the many possibilities of all in one gardening

Propagation techniques including: layering, stem cutting, seeding an others will be discussed. This program will examine kitchen gardens to cutting gardens and all that's  in-between . With annual and perennial seeds this program promises to supply all you'll  need to get growing this season. Following the Lecture and Demonstrations each gardener will plant  a  48-cell seed tray.
Each Propagation Kit will come complete with   a tray, the cell tray, the  high Dome, growing medium fertilizer and a selection of flower, vegetable and herb seeds.

Holiday Decorating

Gardening Under Glass

Organic Seed Starting



This popular Workshop  includes information about the Evergreens.  From Hollies to Winterberries to Abvorities and Hemlocks.

The demonstration  part of this workshop will show how to make a 22" Wreath,  a  door swag, a tree shaped topiary and a  center piece  with candles and decorations.

All the items made will be given to the Garden club.

During the Workshop participants will assemble their own
Holiday Center Piece complete with dish, oasis, evergreens and a candle and decorations.

Please note: this program is offered during the Months of October, November and December only.

Gardening Under Glass

Gardening Under Glass

Gardening Under Glass


 Something from the past and still a lot of fun.  Using color slides , the lecture part of the program will explore  the history of this gardening art form with all it's  different types of containers, most with growing medium and some with only water.  During the  workshop part of the program, participants will assemble their own glass container. The hurricane, pear, or apple shaped glass containers will be provided along with, the growing medium, stones, moss, plants and  decorations. 

Gardening 101

Gardening Under Glass

Gardening Under Glass



 4  Weeks


Some of the topics to be explored include;  Organic companion planting, soil profiles, containers and raised beds, composting and fertilizing, Xeriscaping, seeding, propagation and more. Each session is about 2 1/2 hours.

  Workshop projects include:

​* 48 Cell Propagation Dome Kit complete with Herb, Vegetable and Flower seeds
* Planted Herb Windowsill Container
* Planted 16" Hanging  Basket
* Bottled Infused Vinegar
All materials including lay out and design paper, note books, plants, seeds, plant lists and project supplies.