Deer Defeat

Seed Propagation kit

Seed Propagation kit



Deer Defeat spray keeps deer, rabbits and groundhogs away from  your prized plants through sense of smell.
This repellent is an Eco-friendly all natural spray safe for you, animals and the environment. The initial odor will disappear in a few minutes to the human sense of smell, but will continue to be detected by deer, rabbits and other grazing animals with 

an acute sense of smell. 

Deer Defeat will work actively in repelling browsing animals while nourishing you plants.
It protects your precious flowers and shrubs for a very long period by creating an invisible blanket.  This repellent is simply applied a few times throughout each season and when used correctly will protect your plants all year.  You will be amazed by how easy it will be to keep the deer and other browsing animals away from your flowers and shrubs.

With Deer Defeat, the munching will vanish and the flowers and shrubs will flourish.

        32 oz. ready to use spray.......coverage: Up to   500 sq'
        16 oz. concentrate makes 1 gallon......... Up to 2000 sq'

        32 oz. RTU ...........$27.50 plus tax and shipping
        16 oz. Concentrate..............$49.50 plus tax and shipping

Seed Propagation kit

Seed Propagation kit

Seed Propagation kit



Your new propagation kit comes complete with:

  1. Black solid water tray
  2. 48 cell seed chamber
  3. Vented 7" Humidity Dome
  4. Organic growing medium
  5. Plant Magic plant food
  6. Growing Guide​

$ 55.00 including tax

 plus shipping

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